BQsupports is a tool to uncover biomedical evidence behind experimental paired data. Provide your dataset of biological observations to known the biomedical evidence supporting them!

What BQsupports provides:

  • Support scores for each individual observation across different biomedical descriptors.
  • Fraction of edges supported in the given dataset.
  • Biomedical descriptors enriched in the given dataset and with potential for downstream predictive tasks.
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Please, DO NOT include header nor NaN/empty nodes.

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How it works: given a dataset of biomedical entities pairs (e.g Compound-Gene associations) BQsupports calculates the distance of each pair across metapath spaces comprising the entities (e.g. Compound-interacts-Gene). After proper statistical treatment, these distances are transformed into "support" scores, used to annotate the biomedical evidence behind each pair.

Further details about the pipeline steps and the time it takes to run can be found in the Documentation page.

Big numbers
Number of different entities11
Number of entity-entity combinations11 homo, 121 hetero
Number of unique descriptors (1 source)746
Number of total descriptors (+1 sources)1,041